Aries Weekly Horoscope for June 16, 2024

aries weekly horoscope

When the week begins, you might find yourself itching to make significant progress on a shared goal with your partner, a dear friend, or a close colleague. You’ll enjoy the give-and-take of collaborating as well as the opportunity to put your individual strengths to work. The experience can bring you closer. Later, you’ll do well to think back on the ways you’ve been reframing your current professional path. Make sure you’re being honest with yourself about the changes you want to see, especially those related to acquiring more power. You’ll soon be on your way.


If something about Monday seems off, strange, a little slanted, consider that you-know-who is frustrated about something and they don't know how to tell you. It's possible you're being, well, selfish, and that's preventing you from seeing what's upsetting them (or that itself is what's so upsetting). Lavish them with attention and affection and you'll get a great response. Tuesday and Wednesday are slow and unromantic, but Thursday through Saturday have a big-budget action movie's worth of adventure. With a possible romantic subplot. Sunday returns you to the real world.


Monday and Tuesday you're under a rock. That's what the days feel like: cold, not very interesting, heavy. Then, on Wednesday, the rock lifts and your day is full of sunshine, tall blades of grass, a fascinating new landscape. A sense of adventure prevails. A work-related mission on Thursday forces you to interact with a perfect stranger. You two get along incredibly well. Friday finds you trying to articulate the week's successes to other people. You are perhaps a bit too worried about your reputation. Focus on doing quality work. The rewards are on their way.


If you find yourself out of your comfort zone as your week begins on the road, cut yourself some slack. It takes time to adjust to new surroundings. Around Tuesday, you're ready to dig into your destination. Try doing what the locals do, eating what the locals eat and listening to what the locals have to say. Your own ideology might even get a kick in the pants. From Friday through the weekend, keep your travel karma in mind. Yes, you've got your agenda, but being kind and being aware have their own bounteous rewards.


Be wary of your temper on Monday, or you might find yourself snapping at someone who totally doesn't deserve it. You can and should open up for the next few days even if you risk escalating a conflict. Most likely you won't, and you'll find that good times evolve from your honesty. Over the weekend, you'll want to keep up with the gossip, especially as far as it concerns you. Someone might have the wrong idea. Sunday is perfect for starting off in new directions.