Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2024

capricorn weekly horoscope

Honing your skill set has even greater appeal than usual for you early in the week. You may find yourself talking to like-minded professionals about classes, conferences, or other experiences that have helped them take their career to the next level. Connecting with mentors and past higher-ups can prove insightful as well. Once you have all the information, you can move forward with a game plan that feels truly satisfying. Later, you might feel restless and eager to get out of your comfort zone by taking a trip or even reading something out of the ordinary. You’ll do well to meditate on what will really satisfy this urge, then go for it!


You and you-know-who are in the middle of a disagreement on Monday, and nothing you say seems to make it any better. It's likely that they're overreacting. Then again, you're not the best judge. Expect extremes in energy and almost nothing in the way of romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. A difference of opinion at work might lead to outright bickering. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the highlight of the week, what with you connecting with old friends and getting tons done, but you probably won't end up snuggling on the couch with anyone. Sunday is perfect for a fresh, new start.


On Monday and Tuesday, you are stumped. It's rare that you get stumped like this, and if relations were better with some of your coworkers, you'd be able to solicit assistance, but frankly, things aren't that great right now. On Wednesday and Thursday, you have two aims: one, improve those relations with coworkers, and two, do whatever research your gut is telling you that you need to do in order to know better how to deal with what's stumping you. On Friday, a piece of the puzzle you didn't have before falls into your hands. The week ends just as you turn over a new leaf.


A deal that seems great may have hidden elements at the beginning of the week -- before you charge that ticket or sign that business contract, read the fine print. Around Wednesday and Thursday, calling to confirm reservations and generally getting all your arrangements in order leaves your mind free to wander unexpected places as you do the same. Connections with others -- whether back home or on the road -- may be a bit off this weekend, but your appreciation of arts and culture is accented. Solo time at a museum could be a highlight of your trip.


Everyone wants a piece of you on Monday. Why does it have to be on Monday? Don't make any promises, but do try to keep the most important people in your life smiling if possible. Everyone will settle down by Wednesday, and you can spend some time on your own figuring out the things you need to figure out before you can move on with the next phase of your life. Get started on something new this weekend. It can be anything from a new job hunt to a new relationship.