Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for June 16, 2024

sagittarius weekly horoscope

You might start to feel like it’s time to enact changes around the way you bring in money early in the week. Make sure to reflect on psychological and emotional lessons that have played out over the past several months, because everything you’ve learned can help inform your next moves. Later, you're inspired to research methods for exploring and bolstering your emotional and mental wellness. Therapy, meditation, and journaling are all strategies that might be particularly appealing and useful during this time.


While romantic love might be hard to come by on Monday, you are certainly loved by your friends, as they repeatedly tell you (unsolicited, via message or to your face, or even in cute indirect ways). On Tuesday and Wednesday, you're too preoccupied by your dreams lately to really look at the world around you, but Thursday through Saturday find you focused, happy, at the top of your game. Jovial, even. This is you at your most attractive. If you're single, strike out into the world. If you're coupled, do something hilarious with you-know-who.


When the week begins, you feel like you're underwater. You're moody, the days are slow, and you can barely hear what other people are saying. The saving grace, on Monday and Tuesday, is that even while work seems distant, your imagination is incredibly active. Wednesday and Thursday offer more opportunities to connect with coworkers. Happiness and goodwill figure strongly. Plus, you're feeling more confident than you have in a while. On Friday, if the mood strikes you, tap a fork on the edge of a glass and give an impromptu speech about how satisfying it's to work among such talented people.


Give yourself time to think and time to dream on the road as the week begins -- at the end of the day, it's time well spent. Your jovial approach to interactions means everyone's your new friend between Tuesday and Thursday. Remember: It never hurts to ask for opinions on your itinerary -- or for special deals or upgrades. If you do, something unexpectedly great may just land in your lap. This weekend, you're less into splurging and more into getting the most bang for your travel buck. A lunch menu can let you sample fancy fare at cut rates, while a library may offer free Internet so you can do research on your locale.


On Monday, you may be at a loss for words for once, but it's not a sign of anything serious. Everything picks up in a big way midweek, and your friends will be all over you for companionship and some tips on the new social order. Your weekend will be a little different, though it could be a great time for shopping or reorganizing your stuff. Explore your creative side on Sunday by any means necessary. Invent a new art form if you think you need to.