Virgo Daily Horoscope for September 28, 2023

virgo daily horoscope

On a day like today, it's easy for you to see that you've got more to do with your life. Today might actually bring a new inspiration, but if not, just try the next big thing that seems appealing!You should try to be a driving force toward achieving the group's goals today, whether the group is your family, team at work, or gang of friends. Your charms are powerful, and people will be eager to comply with what you want once you show them what's in it for them, of course! You're a skilled salesperson, so it won't take long to help people understand why your plan is the best. Be confident and collaborative.


You're working your way down to the finer points of a contract or other financial agreement. Even if it's not in writing, you and your partner are going to have to agree on things down to minutia before moving forward with anything. In retrospect, this will seem like the easy part. For now, it's Herculean.

Single's Lovescope

Today, listen to others for advice about how to find your next soul mate. Your parents, friends, even coworkers might have good suggestions. Be open and try them all.

Couple's Lovescope

You've got a lot of things to deal with now, but be sure to make time for your relationship. Getting together to talk and reconnect gives you the energy you need to keep going.


You may not believe a coworker, and that's fine. Some things you just have to find out for yourself. Dig deep, but don't let on when you hit gold.

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