Pisces Daily Horoscope for May 18, 2024

pisces daily horoscope

Say no to everything today unless your gut check tells you it's perfectly okay. You may need to step back a bit and see if you can get your people to give you some advice. It should be solid.One of your longest relationships is starting to veer off track, but before you exert any energy trying to get it back to the where it was, stop and think. Relationships have life spans, and sometimes they just end because they have run their course. You have to be prepared to let go of this person -- let go of the illusion that you will be best friends forever. Switch your focus to the people in your growing relationships.


Your group needs a new direction and someone new to lead them in it. Don't step up to the plate, even if others urge you to. You have enough to do without spending energy helping others get ahead.

Single's Lovescope

Things aren't especially tidy at the moment, and love in particular could be in a bit of a mess. Well, life is messy, and at least a mess is interesting. Do you really want to clean it up?

Couple's Lovescope

Honor your artistic side today by creating something to express your feelings for your partner. It doesn't have to a masterpiece. A simple doodle or a few sweet words will make their day.


Your words won't fail you even once. Client relations should go exceptionally well for you today, as will any activity that involves convincing others that you're all that.

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