Leo Weekly Horoscope for September 24, 2023

leo weekly horoscope

A party is a fine place to get some things figured out. You and your friends have a casual rapport that strikes fairly deeply, a shorthand that lets you talk about weighty issues with lightness and humor. You are constantly impressed by these friends, especially on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, your chest swells with contentment. Intuition, sensitivity, and pride all figure strongly toward the end of the week. This weekend, someone who has heard good things about you will finally get to meet you, and they'll treat you like a celebrity.


You know what you want, and you know how to get it as the week begins. Expect to make a good impression on Monday, especially if you can focus on serving others rather than being served. Tuesday and Wednesday are both good days for taking a more indirect, creative approach, and that might be just what you need to sidestep any ego issues. Toward the end of the week, you're rewarded for taking your time and doing research (even if it's only the emotional kind). Trust your instincts now. This weekend, employ that famous broad-mindedness of yours. Learn something new, maybe by meeting someone new.


Make a lateral move rather than getting involved in a power struggle on Monday. You'll want to keep your options open, and Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to evaluate exactly what those options are. Avoid financial aspects of projects now if you can. Your ability to think outside the box is strong, while numbers might trip you up. Someone you meet at the end of the workweek could show you an entirely new perspective that's enlightening and enriching, perhaps literally. And if you're working this weekend, finishing up a project is a snap.


While your appreciation for all things creative is up at the beginning of the week, your competence with financial matters isn't quite so healthy. Watch the trip budget, read the fine print and count your change. Midweek, you'll be one happy traveler if you can shoehorn some learning into your itinerary -- try a museum of local history or an architectural walking tour or a cooking class. Don't let your stubborn side kick in when dealing with ticket agents, security guards or persons in a position of authority this weekend. Charm 'em instead.


You've got the power to let go even if you don't realize it yet. Try easing your grip just a little on Monday and see what happens. You will soon see that whatever you thought was so crucial turns out to be just another thing, freeing you up for something way better. By the end of Friday night, you'll have met someone who gives your mind a big spin and sets you off in an entirely new direction. Go with it. Your stubbornness over the weekend might come across as ego to people who don't know you well.