Taurus Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2024

taurus weekly horoscope

Lean into your creative impulses to express what’s in your heart and tune in to that need to connect with your love interest in a memorable way at the start of the week. Whether you opt to write a flowery note or plan an exciting date, tuning in to your desire for fun and pleasure is key right now. And it could set a happy new tone in your relationship. Later, the cosmos could have you thinking about a professional project in a whole new way. Although this new approach may feel a bit too wild, trust your gut on it. A little confidence can go a long way.


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (fun days already, generally speaking) have the added magic of being particularly romantic. Monday? Not so much. It's not a bad day. You'll probably eat some delicious things and have fun in social settings. It's just not romantic. Tuesday and Wednesday are outright annoying, featuring encounters with people who want things they aren't able to articulate. But Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are very different. Blossoms figure in the stars, which is appropriate metaphorically. On Sunday, you have a spring in your step.


You love a challenge, but the challenge you face on Monday and Tuesday is not the kind you relish. It's a struggle between you and someone you work with, quite possibly someone you deeply respect, and the best solution may be for you to put aside your current differences for the sake of the future. On Wednesday and Thursday, you are rewarded with just about anything you could ask for. Money? Check. Romance? Check. An opportunity to flex your diplomatic skills in front of a lot of people? Check. Friday is the opposite of boring. It's a rush.


Assorted oddities on the road at the beginning of the week may not be exactly what you're used to, but taken in the right spirit, they're part of what makes travel such an amazing experience. Viva la difference! Expect to feel more at ease around Wednesday, when the good times are ready to roll, and you're going with the flow. A new attachment -- a friend or possibly something more -- is also in the stars. From Friday through the weekend, you're eager to do and see as much as humanly possible, but you are only human. Don't burn the candle at both ends -- at least not too much!


Your people are going to be all-important early this week, so make sure that everyone knows their role and is ready to move forward when you give the signal. The good times get started on Wednesday, and if you're looking for love, or the right time to step up to that one crush, your timing couldn't be better. Spend the weekend taking care of yourself in one way or another. Clean the house, work out, or just watch TV on your own.