Cancer Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2024

cancer weekly horoscope

At the week's start, you could be swept up in fantasizing about taking a long-distance trip or taking advantage of an opportunity to hone your skill set. Although your ideal scenario might seem unrealistic at first, you’ll do well to write it down and figure out the steps you need to take to make it a reality. It may be more attainable than you realize. Later, you could be overflowing with creative ideas you want to share with colleagues and higher-ups. Narrow your focus to the pitches that really speak to you and feel like they’ll be artistically fulfilling. From there, you’ll be a magnet for success.


Though you're not particularly disposed to romance this week, Monday is a perfect day for new beginnings. If you're single, it's time to flirt with you-know-who. It's a good day to be assertive. Tuesday and Wednesday find you making a purchase with the future in mind, possibly by yourself, possibly with someone (perhaps a romantic partner). Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are better for cleaning the house than for painting the town, but cleaning the house can be fun (in a dorky way). Sunday is less fun. The house may be clean, but something's out of order. You'll figure it out.


New clothes suit you at the start of the week. It may feel as if you're showing off, and perhaps you are, but another way to think about it is that you're expressing yourself. Look the way you like. Having confidence in the way you present yourself translates to business success on Wednesday and Thursday, days spent making decisions and encouraging your colleagues in a variety of endeavors. On Friday, be as active as possible. If you misstep, you can back up and try again. As the week draws to a close, new projects are coming out of your office like circus clowns out of a tiny car.


Are you traveling in style or going low-budget? As the week begins, think about what your trip priorities are; unless you're on an expense account, money saved on fancy lodgings can go toward great meals or unforgettable experiences. Keep your possessions organized for extra efficiency on Wednesday and Thursday; having everything in its place means nothing gets left behind. If your plans begin to get derailed this weekend, be vocal and active about setting them right. If you're a pleasant but squeaky wheel, you may even end up with a freebie or upgrade.


Something big comes your way early this week, and you're not sure if you really deserve it. Let yourself enjoy it no matter what. Otherwise, it will just go to waste. Focus on the smaller stuff on Wednesday and Thursday, because that's going to be what really counts in the end. The weekend might be a little more difficult than you like, especially around the house. Someone close may start to get on your nerves in a new way, but you can rise above.