Virgo Weekly Horoscope for September 24, 2023

virgo weekly horoscope

What you need at the outset of the week is the skills of a mathematician. If you're not a mathematician, just work extra hard to be logical and reasonable when dealing with whatever comes your way. Emotional investment isn't paying off at this juncture. That said, be as warm as possible when communicating with others. On Thursday and Friday, largely because you're giving off good vibes, a family event you've been dreading turns out to be a blast. On Saturday and Sunday, rely on your flexibility and organizational prowess to get everything done.


Even in romance, a little hard work can go a long way, and you can expect your creativity and conscientiousness to pay off on Monday. When the middle of the week hits, put a premium on your organizational abilities. Now is the time to get all your ducks (metaphorical, of course, or literal if you've got them) in a row and help that certain someone do the same. Thursday and Friday are both good days for relationship progress provided you let said "progress" move at its own speed. This weekend, count on being more rambunctious than usual. Enjoy that energy!


An experiment with your routine on Monday could lead you to streamline a process even further, freeing up time for more interesting aspects of your work. As your efficiency increases, though, the snail's pace of others could frustrate you. Offering to help is preferable to unloading on them, though on Tuesday and Wednesday, neither option may have much effect. Shuffle things around so that you can work on solo projects at your own speed, particularly at the end of the workweek. And taking a little work home this weekend brings disproportionately big rewards.


Respect for cultural differences -- even if they're slowing you down -- is your best traveling companion at the beginning of the week. You may not get a lot done, but you can learn a ton. You've got a strong sense of purpose about your trip from Wednesday through Friday, but as you're achieving your goals, keep an eye on your trip's bottom line. A few little splurges could add up to being over budget now. Exploring your surroundings this weekend leads to some deeper revelations about who you are -- and what your life will be like upon your return home.


The world needs you to keep an open mind early this week as it sends you a new idea that throws you onto a new trajectory. Don't freak out if your people can't keep up with you. They will catch up eventually, and you've got some new folks you need to meet anyway. You might get into a few dust-ups with your closest friends over the new business, but if you hold your temper, they will too. Think about travel over the weekend or, even better, take off on a road trip that's totally unplanned (as much as you can keep from planning anything like that).