Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 28, 2023

scorpio daily horoscope

Try your best to avoid getting in fights or even tiny arguments. Even the barista could give you more trouble than it's worth, so keep smiling and just make it through the day that way.A recent dream included some confusing visions that left you worried, but why? They aren't going to come true, and they don't foretell anything. Your subconscious was just entertaining itself while you slept, so don't let those weird images distract you today. You have a lot of wonderful things going on right now, and it would be a shame to not fully enjoy them because you're mulling over things that you can't understand. Let it go.


You're even more cautious with other people's money than you are with you own. That makes it hard to play fast and loose, which sadly is what you need to do to make a profit today. Try not to take it all so seriously. The more you see it as one big game, the more you'll rake in at the end of the day.

Single's Lovescope

Today, people are drawn to you more than usual. Use this to your advantage by talking to someone you've had your eye on for a while. Your power of persuasion is at an all-time high.

Couple's Lovescope

You may have to make a difficult decision today. While what you choose is ultimately up to you, talking it over with your partner can help you cover all the angles and make a good choice.


Who knows why some are respected? They don't do the best work or stay the longest, and yet they exude confidence. Others are drawn to them and so are you, so enjoy their aura.

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