Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2024

scorpio weekly horoscope

When the week begins, you’ll be drawn to working toward your aspirations with colleagues and friends. Whether you’ve been wanting to hit a certain fitness goal or finesse a business proposal, leaning in to collaboration and teamwork can help you take your efforts to the next level. Later, it's a sweet time for surprises you can enjoy with your significant other or dear friend. Your ability to remain open-minded about what’s coming down the pike can make it easier to embrace the exciting twists and turns of the moment. Eye-opening discoveries can make your heart race now!


Your dreams are hard to fathom on Monday. What could your subconscious be telling you? And what does it have to do with your love life? Good questions. This week offers little in the way of answers. A fight with your boss could well take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are mellow, though not without flashes of excitement. A friend has been keeping something from you and they're finally going to spill it. Exciting! If you have a secret to confess, now is the time. Nothing new happens on the romance front on Sunday, but it's an easy, pleasant day.


Monday is not the day to walk into the office dressed as a pirate (you should avoid all whimsy, actually). As happy as you might be, success in the office right now demands conservatism. This holds true on Tuesday as well. Instead of being in-your-face, be in your office with your head down. Wednesday and Thursday are better days, and more fun, but still, everything happens in a minor key. This atmosphere affects you, and by Friday you're feeling a touch withdrawn. You go in to do your job, you go home. The upshot is that your weekend is graceful.


You'll want to be low-key on the road at the beginning of the week; watch, listen and absorb rather than try to make a big splash. If you're on business, let them come to you rather than overtly push your agenda. Getting a little more information about your destination -- from a book, an online guide or just asking around -- can lead you to some unforgettable experiences on Wednesday and Thursday. This weekend you may feel more like lounging around or basking in the sun than sightseeing. Seek a balance -- once you get out and about, you'll be energized.


Life is going to be pretty weird for you on Monday and Tuesday, but don't go looking for any favors from people, no matter how much they owe you. It's okay. You'll make it through just fine. By midweek, your friends will have their collective act together and be able to help you mop things up if there's any cleanup left undone. Something small will nag at you over the weekend. It might not ever come out in the open, and it isn't all that important anyway.