Pisces Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2024

pisces weekly horoscope

Your artistic instincts are sharper than usual when the week starts. Allow yourself to get caught up in those daydreams about your professional path. Getting in touch with this part of yourself and pinpointing what drives you feels energizing and morale boosting. Later, you may be having more energetic, intellectually stimulating conversations with your significant other or a close friend. Sharing your passions, strengths, and individual interests elevates your own self-exploration and shared connection. Make the most of this by prioritizing activities that can fuel your conversations, such as checking out a thought-provoking art exhibit or play.


You put on a fun love song and dance around your house in your underwear on Monday. Or at least you do this in your mind. Monday is one of those super fun romantic days. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you're doing more serious forms of exercise than dancing in your underwear (it's a shame that can't be your sole way of keeping fit!), but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you're not in a very active mood. Your current relationship has hit a snag, and you two have to talk it through. Sunday has you wondering if it's going to work out.


As much as you want to know what's bothering a coworker, getting involved in someone else's situation could easily become politically volatile, and it's not exactly your business anyway. Your colleagues are, if anything, a liability on Monday and Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, someone will ask you a work question and you will be ready with a brilliant answer. In this way, you'll find a connection with someone. Thursday sees you diving into new projects like a bee into a field of flowers. Picking one flower and sticking to it is the order of the day on Friday.


Travel may seem like a great opportunity to lose touch with reality, but if you stay tuned in at the beginning of the week, you'll find details remarkably fascinating -- and you won't lose track of, say, your hotel key. Carry a map now -- and use it. If you're given an opportunity to experience something truly unusual on Wednesday or Thursday, go for it; if you don't, you'll be kicking yourself later. Mind your money this weekend, whether you're seeking the best exchange rate or running the numbers for a business deal.


If you go to work on Monday and Tuesday, watch out for weirdness from your peers. There's going to be some edginess all over, but workplace tension will be extra bad for now. Things will ease up midweek, though you might hang on to some of that energy and get a little extra crabby with housemates or your sweetie, so try to keep smiling. Things will get better and better as the weekend comes and goes. You might find yourself in a considerably better position next week.